Can I Live In This Room?

I’m way behind on my magazine reading and I’m just now reading the October issue of House Beautiful.  One of the very first ads in it was this gorgeous photo from Restoration Hardware:

The couch is what initially caught my eye but I love everything about it; the chandeliers, the placement of the artwork on the walls… in the magazine they have it darkened a bit so it looks a bit cozier.  It’s not too feminine and not too masculine.  Loves it.

And for a cool $10,995-14,695 this puppy could be yours!  I can’t imagine every living in a house that would have a room large enough to accommodate that couch but lawcy mercy I lurve it.


Busy Fall

It’s been a busy fall, and I can judge how busy I’ve been by how behind I am on magazine reading.  Christmas magazines just came in the mail today which stresses me out a bit- I’m not through reading fall issues of magazines.  It’s been an especially busy wedding season, in addition to getting paid for weddings with A Splash of Elegance I’ve also joined the wedding coordination team at my church, The Falls Church so I have been coordinating a lot of weddings for free.  It’s been good practice doing the processional and recessional which is the hardest and most stressful part of a wedding for me.  It’s like herding cats; getting all the family members where they are supposed to be.  Now that wedding season is winding down, I think I have one unpaid and one paid left, I can get caught up on my magazine reading, which makes me happy.

In case you are curious I currently subscribe to Southern Lady, Southern Living, Southern Weddings, (notice a trend?) House Beautiful and Real Simple.  RIP Domino Mag.


{Don’t mind my wrinkly sheets}

All six of these magazines came in my swag bag I got at the Virginia Association of Bridal Consultants state meeting that I went to yesterday.  If I were newly engaged I would be totally overwhelmed by the amount of info that is out there to help you plan your wedding.    When I get overwhelmed I panic, shut down and nothing gets done.  I would recommend just picking one website to help you plan, one magazine and go from there.  This is where getting a wedding planner comes in.  A lot of people’s objections to hiring a wedding planner is that they are perfectly capable of planning an event themselves, which is true (in most cases).  But a wedding planner can help you sort through this mess and the 8,000 vendors being shoved down your throat.  Wedding planners have go-to florists, DJs, venues, and caterers that they know are the best and that they have worked with.  They can save you so much time and worrying.  I didn’t start this post out intending to sing the praised of hiring a wedding planner, but there you go.  Now I’m off to read my magazines.


Oh, I am intrigued by this magazine.  I think I am going to have to subscribe, it may just fill the gap that Domino Magazine left.

Pretty Pink Magazine Covers

My monthly pile of magazines is usually daunting as they all come at the same time each month, but I am enjoying staring at them this month cause they are pink and pretty for v-day :)

Country Living

If you don’t get Country Living, you should.  It is one of my favorite design/ decor magazines (since Domino kicked the bucket).

The February 2010 issue I am currently reading:

Two Things

One, I am way behind on my magazine reading.  It may be Spring before I get around to reading my Christmas Martha Stewart.


Two, I have broken one of my rules of not putting rugs on top of carpet.  I posted a while back how 9 times out of 10 it’s not a good idea to do.. well, I this is one of those exceptions.  One, because my parents were getting rid of it and it was free.  Two, because my room needs some color.  Three, because the carpet in my room (and my whole house for that matter) is nasty and I would love to see as little of it as possible.  Four, it’s cute and I like it.


That is all.

Inspiration Photos

Over the years I have been collecting pictures from magazines of rooms and spaces that I love.  I’ve had an ever growing pile of these magazines filled with post-its.  I’ve finally gotten around to tearing them all out and putting them in a binder.  I have them in these sections:  Living Rooms/  Offices, Kitchens & Dining, Bathrooms, Outdoor Spaces, Gardening.  I also started a reference binder with cleaning and organizational tips that I find in magazines.


Magazines Coming Out My Ears….


I have been so busy lately with my massive final project for my Interior Design class (done! presented last night…) and with this new client I am organizing for that I am way behind on my magazine reading.

Sorry for the crappy resolution, I took the pic with my iPhone since my brand new Canon digital camera decided to stop working (this probably could be contributed to me spilling my water bottle in my purse about 5 times since buying it).

For those of you that are curious, in the pile in order is:

2 weeks ago Washington Post Home Section (got through this morning’s right away- yay!)

Southern Accents

Real Simple

Lucky (what they send me now since Domino kicked the bucket, so sad…)

Country Living

House Beautiful

Better Homes and Gardens

Cottage Style

Bon Appetit

Architectural Digest

Elle Decor (a fave)

and last but not least, Kitchen & Bath Design News

In case you are interested, I also subscribe to:

Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, Kraft Food & Family, Everyday Food, This Old House, ReadyMade, DIY… I’m sure I am forgetting about at least 5 more…

I have become a magazine junkie and I get a lot of great ideas for my house and blog from my many magazines.  I also would like to start getting Good Housekeeping and The O Magazine, but I’m not in a rush because I have plenty ro read!