Hanging Pot Racks

Whenever, and if ever I have the money to design my dream kitchen I will be sure to have a pot rack hanging directly over a butcher block island.   I attribute this directly to my love of the kitchen in Father of the Bride.  Not just the kitchen, I love the design of the entire house.  Nancy Meyers directed FOTB and I pretty much am in love with the set design of every single one of her movies… The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Complicated.  If and when I ever finish my MA Interior Design degree I would love to be a set designer, but I digress, back to pot racks… (PS stay tuned for a post on my love affair with Nancy Meyers set design)…

I’ve written about my love for hanging pot racks here before, and I had totally forgotten about it until today.  I just however stumbled upon potracksource.com and now my life is complete.  Well, it will be when I own one.

Isn’t it lovely:

Especially over a butcher block island:

And beadboard cabinets painted butter yellow, a farm house sink, subway tile, nautical pendant lamps……  Ok, back to reality.

For now, here are some pictures of the Father of the Bride that has inspired my love for pot racks:

Nancy Meyers love affair post coming soon1  Stay tuned…

Spring Is Here!

If I lived in a climate where the weather permitted I would leave my windows open yeart round.  It drives me crazy when I go into someone’s home and it is a beautiful, sunny day and the shades are down or the curtains drawn.  Let that sunshine in!  Even if it is not beautiful and sunny outside my shades are always up when it is light and the windows wide open when the weather is nice.  I LOVE SPRING!

This weather makes me want to go to Paris- it is to die for there in the Spring.  Someday in my dream home I am going to build balconies with the curved balustrade railings like they have all over France (and Europe for that matter).  So lovely!






Tip of the day: Pull up those shades, pull back those curtains, turn off the heat or AC and open the windows in your house.  Go buy some lovely plants for your home to help bring Spring into your house.

Me Quoted In The Post

Today to my surprise I noticed I was quoted in the Washington Post Home Section.  In last week’s addition they had a small blurb on great movie decor, which inspired me to post some pictures on the great decor in the movie “Somethings Gotta Give.” {Here is the post.}

They asked readers to email in talking about what other movies have great decor.  I immediately emailed them to tell how I loved the house from the Father of the Bride movie.  You may or may not recall I have talked about my fascination with the FOTB house before {here is a post about it.}

I had forgotten I had emailed them until I was flipping through the home section today and say my name.  I was like “Oh, that’s me… {long pause…} HOLY COW, THAT’S ME!!”  I was very excited to say the least.

You can view the article here.


My Dream House Part 3

A little bit more on my dream house.  I have always wanted a pot rack, like this one from Sur La Table:


Hanging above an island like this one, also from Sur La Table:


Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure there is an island and hanging pot rack in the movie Father of the Bride, which is my all time favorite movie, and their house is my all time favorite house.  I love everything about it- the style of the house, the décor, the warm feeling it has, the layout, the design.

Father of the Bride House:


If you are ever in the LA area, drive by and take a picture of the house for me.  The address is 843 S. El Molino Ave, Pasadena, CA.  Next time I am out that way I for sure am going to go!  (It is a private residence, though, so pictures only!)

My Dream House Part 2

I mentioned in my last post how much I dislike carpet.  Maybe it is just the generic beige carpet that I have had in my rentals the past few years.  I feel like you can never keep it clean.

In my dream house I’d like to have hardwood thoughout… a wide, wide plank in a dark finish.  I really love bamboo floors:


But I’d like a darker finish, closer to this color:


I’d only consider carpet if it were berber.

Here are some rugs you might see in my house:

Silhouette Flower Printed Rug from Urban Outfitters:


And this Daisy Garden Rug from Pottery Barn Kids for a little girls room:


My Dream Kitchen Part 1

I have decided to slowly over the next few months post the details of my dream home.  I’m going to start with the kitchen, so here it goes!

My dream kitchen:

Countertops: it is a toss up between white marble or black soapstone.  But who says you can’t have both?  So I am thinking black soapstone counters with a HUGE white marble island.



Here is a company that sells soapstone: http://www.soapstones.com/

Hardware: I like these pulls from Restoration Hardware:


I want black metal hardware.  I think it will look great against pure white cabinets.

More to come on my dream kitchen/ house… stay tuned!