My Not So Secret Closet

You know the Friends episode where Chandler is trying to break into Monica’s secret closet and when he does he finds that it’s the one place in the house that is totally unorganized?

I’m totally a Monica, I’m a shameless Obsessive Compulsive label making neat freak.  Except when I want not to be.  One area in my house I choose not to be is my linen closet.  It’s really only one shelf.  It all started out with fitted sheets.  My motto has always been that life is too short to fold fitted sheets, so I never have, I just kind of haphazardly scrunch them into a ball when they come out of the dryer.  And then I just got lazy with the flat sheets and pillow cases and started cramming them all into the top shelf of my linen closet.  It’s bad people.  And I have no intention of folding my sheets anytime soon.

Busy Busy

No time to post!  BTW, the client I organized for today was a HOARDER.  Holy blessedness… the stories I have to tell.  I am exhausted.  Good night.

Before & After

Organizing job for my portfolio…








I Can't Wait To Get My Russell + Hazel Binders

They are so cute.  My current white plastic ones now seem barbaric.  Yuck.

Russell + Hazel Binders:



I have a small mountain of magazines flagged with decorating ideas in them- once these binders come I am going to rip out the pages I like from the magazines and put them in binders (living rooms, kitchens, bathroom, bedrooms, organization, gardening, etc….).  Yes, I am OCD.

Site of the Week: Container Store

Lately I have been trying to only buy things that are on my list of things I need.  It has really helped me cut down on impulse buying {which is a major problem of mine}.

With that in mind I was at the Container Store yesterday to do some research for things I want to add onto my list so that I can buy them next time I am there.  Here are a few things that caught my eye:
Pet Travel-Tainer {I really need to get this, it will make my life much easier when going places with my dogs}


Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap {I LOVE the Mrs. Meyers brand!}

10718 3- Section Mesh Cutlery Tray
wht3sctnmshctlytry_l Office Boxes {LOVE these- I already have a few and want more!}

naturalofficestoargeboxes_xl Makati Newspaper Basket
makatinewspaperbasket_l Canvas Stacking Baskets10999

Gift Wrap Cutter {Don’t really need but would be fun to have}
giftwrapcutter_l Pushpins

Business Card File

20381-1 Recipe Easel

Makati Wastebasket

Roll Out Drawers

So now they are all on my list of things I can buy for my house! {now all I need is money}.

Grand Plans for My House

I know getting your home decorated and organized can be really frustrating and overwhelming so I wanted to share my room-by-room plans for my house.  When you list out what you need it is a lot easier to walk in to stores like IKEA and leave with what you need, not a bunch of stuff you don’t need (I have done this, I know it is easy to do!).

My House Plans, March 2009:

Master Bath
New Medicine Cabinet
Open Shelving
Sink Hardware: 2 pulls
New bar light
Paint: Hepplewhite Ivory HC- 36 Benjamin Moore
Towel, TP and Door Knob/ Holder
Switch Plate (Outlet & 2 switches)

Master Bedroom
img43mNew Bed- Williams Sonoma Home Westport Bed
Ditch ceiling fan/ get over head light
Floor Mirror
Expedit shelves
Baskets (Knipsa)
Magazine Holders
Container Store boxes
3 Certificate Frames
PB Teen office chair
Drafting Table


71053_pe186283_s3IKEA shoe holder
2 small green boxes
2 big green boxes
Wooden IKEA hangers

Powder Room
Paint Polo Blue 2062-10 Benjamin Moore
Magazine Holder PB Teen
Bar light
2 silver Pulls
TP holder

Living Room
Shades- country curtains 34 1.5 “ and 71 “
DVD baskets IKEA
Side table
Tv stand
Reupholster couches
Foyer Table

Hardware: (13) 3-inch pulls, (6) 1-inch vertical knobs
2 closet knobs
plantation shutters

Dining Room
Overhead light
Round table
Expedit in white

Porch/ Outside

Pine straw
Mynta vase
Window boxes
New house humbers

Whole House

New Switch plates
New door knobs

Of course this isn’t all going to happen at once.  Slowly but surely over the next few months (and years!) it will all come together.

Don’t decorate for the sake of decorating- bring things into your home that you love!  Carefully examine every purchase that you make- do you NEED this for your home?  Is it on my list of things I need for the house?  By asking yourself this you will save yourself money and you won’t end up with lots of things that you don’t need and don’t mean anything to you.

IKEA Expedit Bookshelf

I have been having dreams about the IKEA Expedit bookshelf because I am dying to get it.


Ever since I decided it would be perfect for my office I have seen it popping up everywhere… this morning it was in The Washington Post Home section in the home of actress Ali Wentworth:


My favorite blogger Nicole at Making It Lovely has Expedit in her studio…


I am loving how they both have pink walls.  It really is just a lovely, cheery color.

Here are some pics I found of it online in other people’s homes:








Once I get it I will for sure post some pics!

Before & After

Here are some before & after pics from a young girl’s room I recently organized.



Paring Down the Mail


I’m sure most of you toss a fair amount of the mail you get everyday- instead of tossing it how about getting yourself off the mailing lists?  Here are some great sources to stop the mail at the source.

Try Opt Out Pre Screen to notify the major credit bureaus that you don’t want credit card offers.

Contact the Direct Marketing Association to have the names of everyone in your house taken off the list that they supply to advertisers.

To stop Valpak coupons, go here (I actually like getting the coupons they send so I have never contacted them).

You can pay or Tonic Mailstopper to contact advertisers for you.

And lastly is a site where you can go and control which specific catalogs you do and don’t want.

I am getting mail constantly for random people who at one time lived in my house.  As soon as I get them I cross out their name and write either “RTS (Return to Sender)” or “Refused” or “Doesn’t live here.”  You can also write “Refused” on any mail that you don’t want to be receiving.

My goal is to make like simpler- cutting down the amount of paper that comes into my house is one step in living a simple life.  And oh yeah, it will save a tree or two :).

PS- this article was also published at Tots2Tweens.