Here is a great resource for hardware/ fixtures and such: Rejuvenation.

It is in the same ilk as Restoration Hardware but a little bit… I want to say funky but that is not the word, their stuff just has a little bit more character and personality.

My Dream Kitchen Part 1

I have decided to slowly over the next few months post the details of my dream home.  I’m going to start with the kitchen, so here it goes!

My dream kitchen:

Countertops: it is a toss up between white marble or black soapstone.  But who says you can’t have both?  So I am thinking black soapstone counters with a HUGE white marble island.


Here is a company that sells soapstone:

Hardware: I like these pulls from Restoration Hardware:


I want black metal hardware.  I think it will look great against pure white cabinets.

More to come on my dream kitchen/ house… stay tuned!


They mentioned this store in The Washington Post Home Section today:


Valerianne is a luxury linen store in Vienna… I will have to stop and check it out soon!