Christmas with the Daniel Family Part 2

For Part 1, click here.

Nothing could really top the one Christmas where my drugged, eye-patched sister chucked a pillar candle and my front windshield but I do have a few fun stories from the past few Christmases.

Last Christmas, as usual my two sisters and I loaded up in my Camry to drive South to meet my dad and step-mom for Christmas.  We were driving from DC to South Carolina, my older sister had taken the bus from New York to my parents house in DC and my little sister and flown in from LA to DC.  My parents were already in South Carolina waiting for us.  We took turns driving… my older sister did not want to drive; she was convinced that she couldn’t remember how to since she was now a New Yorker sans a car and had forgotten how to drive which we thought was bologna… you don’t forget how to drive.  She also didn’t have her glasses and couldn’t drive without them which I didn’t realize at the moment.  After encouragement and prodding Claire took the wheel and began driving.  After a good hour we were all in deep conversation about who knows what when Claire announced “WELCOME TO WEST VIRGINIA!”  We all started clapping as was our tradition when we crossed a state line.  About two seconds into clapping and “YAYs” we all stopped.  “Wait.  West Virginia?”  We were driving from Virginia to South Carolina, and when Claire took the wheel we were about to enter North Carolina.  Yes, we had driven an hour and a half in the wrong direction.

Two Christmases ago was eventful of course.  First of all, I spilled boiling ramen noodle water on my thigh.  I was at my townhouse by myself at the time.  When I spilled it I kind of went in to shock; I ripped off my pants and could smell my flesh burning and could see the skin dissolving.  I didn’t know what to do so I just threw on a skirt and my Uggs and drove to my parents house where my dad, step-mom and sisters were.  That is where the video picks up (click link above), gotta love having a sister who is a professional film maker.  Suffice it to say, it made for a very uncomfortable car ride down south. (Let me preface the video by saying that the reason I was sans pants in the shower running cold water on my leg is because that it what 911 told me to do).

After Christmas we packed up to head home to Virginia via a pit stop at The Homestead, a beautiful Virginia resort.  A few hours into the trip my sisters and I got into a horrible, heated argument.   It got so bad my older sister had to pull over onto the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, Virginia so we could calm down.  As soon as we pulled over my little sister Katherine got out and took off down the highway and up into the woods.  Yes, she was running away.  My sister Claire wanted to just leave her and I believe we actually did.  If I remember correctly we drove to the next exit which was close and then pulled over to the side of the road while I went to search for her in the woods.  When I found her she was on the phone with her boyfriend who was trying to arrange a flight for her from the Roanoke, Virginia airport to LA.  After about an hour we were able to convince her to get back in the car and we were on our way.

That is all.  Looking forward to this Christmas!