The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island

Labor day weekend my family went to my favorite place on earth, Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  We’ve been going to the beach there for years.  It’s ruined me for all other beaches, there is nothing quite like Kiawah.

A few years ago, probably closer to 10 now, they announced they were building a resort on the island.  We were not happy… Kiawah is a very local island… it’s private and you have to go through a gate to get on it.  Back when my step-grandparents started going to Kiawah you used to have a key to open the gate and there were wild horses and boars than ran over the island.  Much of it is developed now.  Anyways, we were nervous about a resort coming to the island… I know my step-grandmother was especially worried about the inevitable influx of yankees.  She got over it.  The Sanctuary is beautiful.  And not cheap… $650 a night for the cheapest room (we did not stay there, for obvious reasons).  Usually we rent a beach house but since we were just there for a long weekend we just rented a condo overlooking a lagoon.

The Sanctuary is absolutely beautiful… southern elegance at it’s finest.  I love everything about it.

So many photos so here they are in a gallery… click the photo to view it larger.  The hotel looking ones are obviously the sanctuary.  Included in the gallery are pictures of my sister’s 30th birthday that we celebrated while we were down there, and us at the beach house we normally stay at.


… are my favorite flower.

Photos taken in front of my neighborhood swimming pool.


Details I Love: Monogramming

I love monogramming… I would monogram my panties if I had the time and money.  It’s so elegant, Southern, classic, timeless… well, maybe it wouldn’t be if I did it to my unmentionables, that would be more weird than elegant.





Sources: 1.  Every Last Detail 2-4. Martha Stewart

My Favorite Place on Earth Part 1

I visited The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia for a few days after Christmas with my family.  I will never get tired of this place, I believe it is one of the most beautiful places in America…

LOVE this chest….mirrored all over.  This is in the dining room.

The dining room has a purple color scheme… love it.

Chandeliers.  Yes Please.

I think this was pork cannellonis… delish.

Love this little candle holder on the table.

A Fillet Mignon is never a bad choice.  Love my steak and potatoes.

Warm water with lemon to wash your hands after the meal.

More to come!  I took about 5,000 pictures, unfortunately I am retarded at life and the settings on my camera were all jacked up so a lot of them are too big to upload… ugh.

Oatlands Plantation- Leesburg, VA

Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg is one of my favorite spots in Northern Virginia and one of the reasons I love living in Virginia!  When I was little we would cut down our Christmas tree from a farm down the road and then walk around Oatlands… it is beautiful at Christmas.  Next month I am going to have Holiday Tea at Oatlands, I am very excited!  My cousin had her wedding at Oatlands and it was beautiful, the gardens are stunning.  Below are some photos I stole of their website… enjoy! 






Try and make it out to Oatlands if you have a chance!

Site of the Week: Leontine Linens

It is a very Southern Thing to monogram anything and everything… love it.

Leontine Linens

A Little Pineapple for My Front Door

I am beyond excited to order this Pineapple Door Knocker from Cape Cod Weathervane Company:


The Pineapple is a symbol of southern hospitality and if you are paying attention you will see it on people’s homes throughout the south.  Not so much up here in Northern Virginia, but once you leave No. Va. and enter the real Virginia, and all throughout the South it is a common motif used on the inside & outside of buildings.  I wrote a post about it back in December if you are interested in reading it.

A few of the runners up:

From Iron Accents:



942mh1501-brsThe Brass Gallery:


Outdoor Living

Spring is almost here and that makes me SO SO happy! With the coming of warmer weather I will be able to use my front yard more- so exciting!  I live in a townhouse with no backyard and a small- maybe 5 x 10 fenced in front yard.  Since I only moved in this past December I hadn’t done a ton to make it more warm weather friendly.  I did almost immediately upon moving in lay down pine straw since there was no grass and the yard was basically a dirt pit.  I LOVE pine straw {here is an old post about my love of it}, now that the weather is getting warmer I am going to go buy another bale or two to freshen the yard.  I had two simple white plastic lawn chairs and a cute matching white side table with some cute candles on it in the front yard set up in the yard and that was fine to get me through the winter.

The past few weeks I have been scoping out what new outdoor furniture I wanted to buy to upgrade the white plastic chairs.  I had settled on this number from World Market:

Mika Espresso Folding Table


It is $79.99 for the table alone and caught my interest as it is the perfect size for my little yard.  I fully intended to get- that is until my most recent shopping trip at IKEA where I saw this:

TARNO Folding Table:


And I picked up two of the matching chairs:


I am so happy to have seen these as they are much more in my price range {$20 for the table and $15 each for the chairs}.  I just love IKEA-  it never ceases to amaze me!

Here is my lovely little front yard now:


I love it- I can’t wait to eat out here on hot summer nights.  It seems so Parisian to me.

I also had been looking for some sort of flooring to go under the old plastic chairs I had, I had settled on getting pavers or flagstone until I saw this decking at IKEA and I knew it was the perfect solution!  It is IDBYN from IKEA which apparently is very new as it is not on their website yet, otherwise I would link it.  It came in a pack of 9 squares which you snap together- I wasn’t sure how much ground it would cover.  I am going to go buy one more set so that the chairs and table will all be covered when pulled out.

The lantern and candle are from IKEA as well.  The navy blue metal star is one of my favorite things in my front yard.  I got it at the farmer’s market in Harrisonburg, Virginia where I went to college.  The star is a symbol of prosperity and a lot of people in the South and in the country (like Harrisonburg) have these stars on their barns or houses.  I fell in love so I picked one up before I moved away.

The ‘Christmas’ lights are from Target, I bought them a while back so you will probably need to get them online here.

Bronze Dragonfly String Lights from Target:


Ideas for you:  Here are some of my fave outdoor spaces from online:

Pottery Barn:



Oooooo this looks like heaven.  I love lanterns:


From Williams- Sonoma Home:

I love Adirondack chairs, although I find them a it uncomfy to sit in:


From Restoration Hardware:



These pics are making me drool.  I just love the water- I am so thankful to live on the East Coast.  The Chesapeake Bay and beaches aplenty are just a stones throw away.  Sorry for my readers living in the middle states, but I can’t imagine not living near a coast.

Stay tuned for more outdoor living spaces- I will be keeping my eyes open for some lovely spaces!

My Favorite Place on Earth

Kiawah Island, SC, a private Island off the coast of Charleston, SC.












Some day I WILL own a house here.  It is my favorite place on earth, I would be perfectly content to never leave the island if I could.