A Few Favorite Wallpapers

1.  Ralph Lauren Sudan Weave- Sand

2.  Ralph Lauren Chesapeake Novelty- Navy Line on White

3.  Thibaut Design Ivana- Coral and Turquoise

4.  Pierre Frey Galatee

5.  Thibaut Design Candise

What Will They Think of Next

I wasn’t completely sold on magnetic paint when I first heard about it- now I am a huge fan.  Once I realized that you could use it as a primer and then put magnets on the back of picture frames I was hooked.  Picture hanging is such a pain in the rear- to be able to move them around so easily on the wall without damaging it would be amazing.

The company that makes it is called Magnamagic– they even make magnetic chalkboard paint.

Site of the Week: Walnut Wallpaper

This great online Wallpaper store was featured in this month’s Domino Magazine.

Walnut Wallpaper has some awesome prints.  I especially love:




A great idea for wallpaper is to use it on the inside of bookcases, instead of having a plain white back- it will bring a little character and color into the space!

Paint Class

If you are interested in learning about the basics of paint: the types, terms and more, Benjamin Moore offers some great online classes.  Check it out.


Wall Art

Here is a good idea for cheap, beautiful wall art that I heard on HGTV:

Cut some fresh flowers from your yard, or buy some ones from the store with great colors.  Take them to a store with a color copier where you can enlarge them as much as you need.  Beautiful, cheap, quick wall art that has great sentimental value cause you made it and it came from your garden!


Paint Tips from O Magazine

3 Ways to Keep it Clean:
“Stretch a large rubber band around the mouth of the can, then use the band (rather than the rim) to wipe excess paint from the brush.

Nail a hole into the inner lip so that spilled paint will drain on its own- instead of clogging up the rim.

To minimize splatter, cover the whole shebang with a plastic bag before hammering the lid shut.”
-p 92 O Magazine Winter 2008

Color Recomendation: Restoration Hardware

I just discovered this beautiful color: Light Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware.  A very pretty blue-green!


[Photo: Whitney English]

Favorite Thing: Subway Tile


I love love love Subway Tile.  It is just like normal tile except rectangular shaped, 3 inches by 6 inches and usually laid in a brick pattern.

It will for sure be the back splash in my dream kitchen- probably in a pale green color, or maybe in white with pale green walls.  It was very common in homes in the early 1900s and has become quiet popular again.

Here is a company that makes it and can explain it a bit more: www.subwaytile.com

Subway Tile

One of my favorite things…

Don’t you just love beadboard?

Beadboard is one of my favorite things ever that is used in design.  I am at The Homestead for the weekend ( I know, poor me) and they use beadboard a lot on ceililngs which I love.

Most often you see beadboard used as wainscoting (wainscoting= paneling or woodwork on the lower third of a wall) on interior walls, but I love to see it used in other places, ie celings.  I once saw a bathroom with the walls all covered in beadboard and painted a great coffee color.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a few sheets of beadboard can add some much detail, value and architectural interest to your home.

bathroom2[Photo: Nantucket Beadboard]